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classFromTropicalCox -- compute a toric cycle of X which class is the same as a given subvariety of X



This function calculates a toric cycle which class is the same of a subvariety of a normal toric variety X, under the hypothesis that X is smooth. The subvariety is given by its homogeneous ideal in the Cox ring of X.

i1 : X = toricProjectiveSpace 3;
i2 : S = ring X;
i3 : I = ideal(S_0+S_1+S_2+1,S_0+2*S_1-S_2+4);

o3 : Ideal of S
i4 : classFromTropicalCox(X,I)

o4 = X
      {0, 1}

o4 : ToricCycle on X

Ways to use classFromTropicalCox :

For the programmer

The object classFromTropicalCox is a method function.