Citing Macaulay2

If you cite Macaulay2 in a paper, please send us a reference, and we'll add it to our list of publications. We recommend you use the following bibtex entry for citing Macaulay2.

          author = {Grayson, Daniel R. and Stillman, Michael E.},
          title = {Macaulay2, a software system for research in algebraic geometry},
          howpublished = {Available at \url{}}

The macro \url is provided by the hyperref macro package; to get it, add

to the preamble of your latex file, or just remove it.

Note: in October, 2009, we decided to refer uniformly to Macaulay2 (with no internal space) instead of to Macaulay 2. You can help us find your preprints and papers that refer to it by doing the same.

If you wish to cite an existing Macaulay2 package, you may use the package PackageCitations. Here is an example of its use:

    i3 : loadPackage "PackageCitations"

    o3 = PackageCitations

    i5 : cite "IntegralClosure"

    o5 = @misc{IntegralClosureSource,
            title = {{IntegralClosure: A \emph{Macaulay2} package. Version~1.0}},
            author = {Amelia Taylor and David Eisenbud and Mike Stillman},
            howpublished = {A \emph{Macaulay2} package available at \url{}}