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LowerBound -- the class of lower bound objects


This is a type of list that represents a lower bound. The single element of the list is an integer, and the object represents the condition that some other integer, such as the index in a direct sum, should be at least as large.
i1 : LowerBound {4}

o1 = LowerBound{4}

o1 : LowerBound
i2 : >= 4

o2 = LowerBound{4}

o2 : LowerBound
i3 : > 4

o3 = LowerBound{5}

o3 : LowerBound

Functions and methods returning an object of class LowerBound :

Methods that use an object of class LowerBound :

For the programmer

The object LowerBound is a self initializing type, with ancestor classes BasicList < Thing.