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Outputs -- outputs for a function in a documentation node



The entries should consist of items in one of the following forms.

  • hypertext
  • class => hypertext (or null)
  • symbolname => hypertext (or null)
  • symbolname => class => hypertext (or null)

As an example, here is the Outputs entry of the method resolution(Ideal):

Outputs => { {"a resolution of ", TT "R/I", " by projective ", TT "R", "-modules" } }

Note that the hypertext list needs to be bounded by { and } as there is only one output for resolution(Ideal). Without the braces, multiple outputs are defined. Note also that the Type of the output is automatically added in this case.

Here is an example of the Outputs entry of the function sin:

Outputs => { { "the sine of ", TT "x", "" } }

See also

Functions with optional argument named Outputs :

For the programmer

The object Outputs is a symbol.