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Subnodes -- a menu of documentation nodes



This option inserts into a documentation page a menu of subnodes and defines how the tree structure of the documentation is constructed. This is relevant when printing the documentation.

Example of usage as an optional argument to document(List)

Subnodes => {
        "An example of subnodes",
        TO "a link name",
        TO "another link name"

Example of usage as a keyword in doc(String)

When used as a main section of a documentation node, Subnodes can be used as follows:

    :Heading 1
      "a link name"
      :A subheading about @TO "mySecondFunction"@
    :Heading 2
      "another link name"

See also

Functions with optional argument named Subnodes :

For the programmer

The object Subnodes is a symbol.