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applicationDirectory -- the path to the user's application directory



The function installPackage, by default, installs packages under the application directory. At program startup, unless the -q option is provided on the command line, an entry will be added to the path so packages can be loaded from there by loadPackage and needsPackage. Moreover, the initialization file, if found there, will be run.

The function applicationDirectorySuffix determines the value of applicationDirectory, and can be modified by the user.

i1 : applicationDirectory()

o1 = /home/m2user/.Macaulay2/


../../../../../Macaulay2/m2/ --source code:
     applicationDirectory = () -> (
          if getenv "HOME" =!= ""
          then (
               getenv "HOME" | "/" |
               -- we allow the user to change applicationDirectorySuffix to a string or a function
               if instance(applicationDirectorySuffix, Function)
               then applicationDirectorySuffix()
               else applicationDirectorySuffix
          else error "environment variable HOME not set"

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For the programmer

The object applicationDirectory is a function closure.