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independentSets -- some size-maximal independent subsets of variables modulo an ideal



An independent set of variables of an ideal J in a polynomial ring R is a set of variables that are algebraically independent modulo J (i.e. there is no polynomial in J involving only these sets of variables.

If the Krull dimension of R/J is d, then a maximal independent set is an independent set having size d.

i1 : R = QQ[a..h];
i2 : I = minors(2,genericMatrix(R,a,2,4))

o2 = ideal (- b*c + a*d, - b*e + a*f, - d*e + c*f, - b*g + a*h, - d*g + c*h,
     - f*g + e*h)

o2 : Ideal of R
i3 : inI = ideal leadTerm I

o3 = ideal (f*g, d*g, b*g, d*e, b*e, b*c)

o3 : Ideal of R
i4 : independentSets I

o4 = {a*b*d*f*h, a*c*d*f*h, a*c*e*f*h, a*c*e*g*h}

o4 : List
i5 : independentSets inI

o5 = {a*b*d*f*h, a*c*d*f*h, a*c*e*f*h, a*c*e*g*h}

o5 : List

The independent sets returned correspond one for one with the minimal primes of smallest codimension of the ideal of lead terms of J.
i6 : I = ideal"abc,bcd,cde,adf,cgh,b3f,a3g"

                                                3    3
o6 = ideal (a*b*c, b*c*d, c*d*e, a*d*f, c*g*h, b f, a g)

o6 : Ideal of R
i7 : minimalPrimes I

o7 = {ideal (c, b, a), ideal (f, c, a), ideal (g, d, b), ideal (g, e, b, a),
     ideal (g, f, c), ideal (g, f, d, a), ideal (g, f, e, b), ideal (h, d, b,
     a), ideal (h, e, b, a), ideal (h, f, d, a)}

o7 : List
i8 : independentSets I

o8 = {a*b*d*e*h, a*c*e*f*h, b*d*e*g*h, d*e*f*g*h}

o8 : List
The optional Limit argument is useful if you need only one, or several such independent sets.
i9 : L = independentSets(I, Limit=>1)

o9 = {a*b*d*e*h}

o9 : List

Often, you want the list of the variables in a maximal independent set, or the list of those not in the set.
i10 : support L_0

o10 = {a, b, d, e, h}

o10 : List
i11 : rsort toList(set gens R - set support L_0)

o11 = {c, f, g}

o11 : List

This function is useful as a subroutine to primary decomposition algorithms.

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Ways to use independentSets :

For the programmer

The object independentSets is a method function with options.