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newline -- the new line character sequence


newline -- a string containing the character or sequence of characters that represents the end of a line. To end an output line, you should use endl instead, because there is more to ending an output line than emitting the characters in newline, especially when nets are being used.

This string depends on what your operating system is: on Unix systems it is the ascii character 10; on Macintoshes it is the ascii character 13, and under MS-DOS and Windows 95 it is a string of length 2 containing ascii characters 13 and 10.

Try to avoid confusing the newline string described here with the ASCII character called newline. That character can be incorporated into a string with the escape sequence \n, and it always has ASCII code 10.
i1 : ascii "\n"

o1 = {10}

o1 : List

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For the programmer

The object newline is a string.