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viewHelp -- view online documentation in a web browser



If no argument is given to viewHelp then the top page of your local html documentation is displayed.

Some example uses:

  • viewHelp -- top of local copy of the documentation, including installed packages
  • viewHelp "Macaulay2" -- top of Macaulay2 doc
  • viewHelp ideal -- online doc for the 'ideal' function
  • viewHelp "matrices" -- overview of matrices in Macaulay2
  • viewHelp (ideal, List) -- online doc for ideal(List) method
  • viewHelp (diff, Matrix, Matrix) -- online doc for the diff function taking two matrices as arguments
  • viewHelp [gb, DegreeLimit] -- view doc for the optional argument DegreeLimit to gb function
  • viewHelp (symbol**, Matrix, Matrix) -- view doc for Matrix**Matrix


The help command allows other possible arguments, such as help methods ideal, but for viewHelp the argument X must refer to only one web page.

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Ways to use viewHelp :

For the programmer

The object viewHelp is a command.