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minimalReduction(...,Tries=>...) -- Set the number of random tries to compute a minimal reduction



When searching for a minimal reduction of an ideal over a field with a small number of elements, random choices of generators are often not good enough. This option controls how many times the routine will try new random choices before giving up and reporting an error.

i1 : setRandomSeed(314159268)

o1 = 314159268
i2 : kk=ZZ/2

o2 = kk

o2 : QuotientRing
i3 : S = kk[a,b,c,d];
i4 : I = monomialCurveIdeal(S, {1,3,4});

o4 : Ideal of S
i5 : minimalReduction(I, Tries=>30);

o5 : Ideal of S

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