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AbstractToricVarieties -- links abstract simplicial (normal) toric varieties to Schubert2


This package is experimental.



This documentation describes version 0.1 of AbstractToricVarieties.

Source code

The source code from which this documentation is derived is in the file AbstractToricVarieties.m2.


  • Types
    • CompleteIntersectionInToric (missing documentation)
  • Functions and commands
    • abstractPrimeToricDivisor (missing documentation)
    • completeIntersection (missing documentation)
    • intersectionRingIdeal (missing documentation)
    • liftClToWDiv (missing documentation)
    • liftPicToCDiv (missing documentation)
  • Symbols
    • Ambient (missing documentation)
    • CI (missing documentation)

For the programmer

The object AbstractToricVarieties is a package.