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installation and configuration -- of the Chordal package


To install Chordal run the following commands in a Macaulay2 terminal: To verify that the installation was correct, restart and execute the command check "Chordal".

External Software

The basic functionality of Chordal should work without any additional programs. However, some of the functions do require external software.

Graphviz (optional): The visualization of chordal networks depends on Graphviz, which can be (freely) download from

Maple (optional): The command chordalTria requires Maple when the ideal is not binomial.


Many of the functions of Chordal will work without any configuration. But some functions depend on the configuration of the dependencies Graphs and MapleInterface.

Graphs: Visualizing chordal networks requires configuring the Graphviz executable. The default Graphviz executable "dot" should work, but it if not it can be changed with:

MapleInterface: The default executable "maple" should work, but if not it can be changed with:

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