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isLeaf -- determines if an edge (or vertex) is a leaf of a (hyper)graph



An edge in a graph is a leaf if it contains a vertex of degree one. An edge E in a hypergraph is a leaf if there is another edge B with the property that for all edges F (other than E), the intersection of F with E is contained in the intersection of B with E.

A vertex of a graph is a leaf if it has degree one. A vertex of a hypergraph is a leaf if it is contained in precisely one edge which is itself is leaf.

i1 : R = QQ[a..f];
i2 : G = graph {a*b,b*c,c*a,b*d};
i3 : isLeaf(G, d)

o3 = true
i4 : isLeaf(G, getEdgeIndex(G, {b,d}))

o4 = true
i5 : isLeaf(G, a)

o5 = false
i6 : isLeaf(G, getEdgeIndex(G, {a,b}))

o6 = false
i7 : H = hyperGraph {a*b*c,b*d,c*e,b*c*f};
i8 : K = hyperGraph {a*b*c,b*d,c*e};
i9 : isLeaf(H, a)

o9 = true
i10 : isLeaf(H, getEdgeIndex(H, {a,b,c}))

o10 = true
i11 : isLeaf(K, a)

o11 = false
i12 : isLeaf(K, getEdgeIndex(K, {a,b,c}))

o12 = false

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For the programmer

The object isLeaf is a method function.