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FrobeniusThresholds :: ContainmentTest

ContainmentTest -- an option for the function frobeniusNu specifying the type of containment of powers of ideals to test


An option for the function frobeniusNu specifying which type of containment test to apply. The valid values are StandardPower, FrobeniusRoot, GlobalFrobeniusRoot, FrobeniusPower, and null. When the option AtOrigin is set to true, the default value for ContainmentTest, null, is replaced with FrobeniusRoot when the second argument passed to frobeniusNu is a ring element, and StandardPower when that argument is an ideal. When AtOrigin is set to false, the value GlobalFrobeniusRoot is used.

Functions with optional argument named ContainmentTest :

For the programmer

The object ContainmentTest is a symbol.