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generators(ExtAlgebra) -- get the generators



The optional input given above is not relevant for Lie algebras. Instead of generators one may use gens. Observe that the output is a basis for the Ext-algebra as a vector space, and not as an algebra.

i1 : F=lieAlgebra{a,b,c}

o1 = F

o1 : LieAlgebra
i2 : I=lieIdeal{a a b,a a c}

o2 = I

o2 : FGLieIdeal
i3 : L=F/I

o3 = L

o3 : LieAlgebra
i4 : E=extAlgebra(3,L)

o4 = E

o4 : ExtAlgebra
i5 : gens E

o5 = {ext_0, ext_1, ext_2, ext_3, ext_4}

o5 : List

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