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writeCurveInDualNonadjacentBasis -- write a curve in the basis dual to the nonadjacent basis



The nonadjacent basis is described in Carr, A polygonal presentation of $Pic(\bar{M}_{0,n})$, arXiv:0911.2649.

This function takes a curve class and returns the vector of its intersection numbers with the nonadjacent basis of divisors. These intersection numbers are the coefficients in the basis of curves that is dual to the nonadjacent basis.

i1 : L1={ {{{1,2},{3},{4},{5}},1}, {{{1,3},{2},{4},{5}},1}};
i2 : C=curveClassRepresentativeM0nbar(5,L1);
i3 : writeCurveInDualNonadjacentBasis(C)

o3 = {-1, 0, 1, 1, 1}

o3 : List

Ways to use writeCurveInDualNonadjacentBasis :

For the programmer

The object writeCurveInDualNonadjacentBasis is a method function.