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Net -- the class of all nets and strings


A net is a generalization of a string that is designed to facilitate two-dimensional printing on ascii terminals. It consists of a rectangular array of characters subdivided horizontally by an imaginary baseline.

Operations on nets also accept strings by interpreting a string as a rectangle of height one with the baseline just below it. In fact, the parent of String is Net.

Multiple nets per line can be sent to an output file with << but care must be taken to use endl to end lines, for nets with new line characters embedded in them will be displayed in an unexpected way.

Warning: if so many characters are written to a file that an internal buffer is filled before the line ends or first net is seen, then the buffer will be flushed, and writing a net subsequently will produce an unexpected result.

Types of net :

Functions and methods returning a net :

Methods that use a net :

Fixed objects of class Net :

For the programmer

The object Net is a type, with ancestor class Thing.