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pipeDreams -- computes the set of reduced pipe dreams corresponding to a permutation



Given a permutation in one line notation, finds the set of reduced pipe dreams. Each element of the output is a square array containing "+" and "/" symbols. The "+" symbols are interpreted as crossing tiles and the "/" are interpreted as bump tiles. Starting on the left edge, the path starting at row $i$ will end at column $w_i$. This function only returns reduced pipe dreams (i.e. pipe dreams for which each pair of pipes crosses at most once).

i1 : w = {2,1,4,3,6,5};
i2 : (pipeDreams w)_0

o2 = +/+/+/

o2 : PipeDream

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Ways to use pipeDreams :

For the programmer

The object pipeDreams is a method function.