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super(MultirationalMap) -- get the multi-rational map whose target is a product of projective spaces



i1 : Phi = rationalMap{rationalMap(veronese(1,2,ZZ/33331),Dominant=>true),rationalMap(veronese(1,3,ZZ/33331),Dominant=>true)};

o1 : MultirationalMap (rational map from PP^1 to surface in PP^2 x PP^3)
i2 : super Phi;

o2 : MultirationalMap (rational map from PP^1 to PP^2 x PP^3)
i3 : Psi = rationalMap(Phi,image Phi);

o3 : MultirationalMap (dominant rational map from PP^1 to curve in PP^2 x PP^3)
i4 : super Psi == super Phi

o4 = true

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