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makePolynomialOIAlgebra -- make a PolynomialOIAlgebra object



Makes a polynomial OI-algebra over the field K with c rows of variables in the symbol x. The VariableOrder option is used to specify the ordering of the variables.

i1 : P = makePolynomialOIAlgebra(1, x, QQ)

o1 = Number of variable rows: 1
     Variable symbol: x
     Base field: QQ
     Variable order: RowUpColUp

o1 : PolynomialOIAlgebra
i2 : Q = makePolynomialOIAlgebra(2, y, QQ, VariableOrder => RowDownColUp)

o2 = Number of variable rows: 2
     Variable symbol: y
     Base field: QQ
     Variable order: RowDownColUp

o2 : PolynomialOIAlgebra

Ways to use makePolynomialOIAlgebra :

For the programmer

The object makePolynomialOIAlgebra is a method function with options.