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polytope -- returns a polytope of which the fan is the normal fan if it is polytopal



If the fan F is polytopal then polytope returns a polytope P. F is the normal fan of this polytope. Note that such a polytope is not unique.
i1 : F = fan {coneFromVData matrix {{1,0},{0,1}},coneFromVData matrix {{0,-1},{1,1}},coneFromVData matrix {{-1,-1},{0,1}},coneFromVData matrix {{-1,1},{0,-1}},coneFromVData matrix {{1,1},{0,-1}}}

o1 = F

o1 : Fan
i2 : P = polytope F

o2 = P

o2 : Polyhedron

Ways to use polytope :

For the programmer

The object polytope is a method function.