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drawParliament2Dtikz -- visualises the parliament of polytopes for a vector bundle on a toric surface using TikZ



Given a toric vector bundle in Klyachko's description on a toric surface, drawParliament2Dtikz writes to a file a TikZ picture visualising the parliament. Additionally, the picture may contain also information about the cohomology of the vector bundle as computed by cohomology from the ToricVectorBundle package and the toric Chern character as computed by toricChernCharacter and graphToricChernCharacter.

Extending the example from parliament by the command
i5 : drawParliament2Dtikz(E,p,"picture.tikz")
produces the file picture.tikz. Embedded into a TeX file, this finally leads to a nice picture of the parliament.

By setting the options DrawChernCharacter and DrawCohomology to true or false, one can decide whether the picture also includes information about the cohomology or toric Chern character, respectively. By default, both are set to true.

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Ways to use drawParliament2Dtikz :

For the programmer

The object drawParliament2Dtikz is a method function with options.