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smoothCanonicalCurveGenus14 -- Compute a random canonical curve of genus 14



Computes a smooth canonical curve of genus 14 over a field of characteristc p. The constructions are based on the unirationality proof of M_14 by A. Verra (See "") and the methods in the Macaulay2-Package "RandomGenus14Curves". A unirational parametrization of M_g is only a rational map and bad choices of parameters (which are quite likely over small fields) might end up in the indeterminacy locus or some other undesired subloci. In this constructions we catch the steps which do not work out for very small characteristic.

If the option Printing is set to true then printings about the current step in the construction are displayed.

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For the programmer

The object smoothCanonicalCurveGenus14 is a method function with options.