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residualCodims -- a list of possible residual intersection codimensions



For each s computes the maximum, over all monomial primes P with codimension s-1 in the ambient ring, of the minimal size of a generating set of I localized at P. If this number is less than s, then s is included in the list.

The values s returned are the numbers such that an s-residual intersection of I exists.

i1 : R = ZZ/101[a,b,c];
i2 : I = monomialIdeal{a*b,b*c^2}

o2 = monomialIdeal (a*b, b*c )

o2 : MonomialIdeal of R
i3 : residualCodims I

o3 = {2, 3, 4}

o3 : List

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Ways to use residualCodims :

For the programmer

The object residualCodims is a method function.