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sagbiStatus -- checks if the subalgebra bases computation is done



Returns true if the subalgebra bases computation is completed otherwise returns false. It is possible that the computed subalgebra basis generators form a subalgebra basis while sagbiStatus returns false. In this case, additional computation is needed to confirm that the computed generators form a subalgebra basis. For more descriptive output, see status(SAGBIBasis).

i1 : R = QQ[x,y];
i2 : S = subring {x+y,x*y,x*y^2,x*y^10+y};
i3 : sagbiStatus sagbi(S,Limit=>10)

o3 = false
i4 : sagbiStatus sagbi(S,Limit=>20)

o4 = true

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Ways to use sagbiStatus :

For the programmer

The object sagbiStatus is a method function.