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UseWaldschmidt -- optional input for computing a lower bound for the resurgence of a given ideal.



Given an ideal $I$ and an integer $n$, returns the larger value between the maximum of the quotients $m/k$ that fail $I^{(m)} \subseteq I^k$ with $k \leq n$ and $\frac{\alpha(I)}{waldschmidt(I)}$.

i1 : T = QQ[x,y,z];
i2 : I = intersect(ideal"x,y",ideal"x,z",ideal"y,z");

o2 : Ideal of T
i3 : lowerBoundResurgence(I,UseWaldschmidt=>true)

o3 = -

o3 : QQ

Functions with optional argument named UseWaldschmidt :

For the programmer

The object UseWaldschmidt is a symbol.