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isTLexSeg -- whether a set of t-spread monomials is a t-lex segment



the function isTLexSeg(l,t) is true whether the list of monomials l is a t-lex segment, that is, the set of all the t-spread monomials smaller than the maximum of l and greater than the minimum of l, with respect to $>_\mathrm{slex}.$


i1 : S=QQ[x_1..x_7]

o1 = S

o1 : PolynomialRing
i2 : isTLexSeg({x_1*x_4*x_7,x_1*x_5*x_7,x_2*x_4*x_6,x_2*x_4*x_7,x_2*x_5*x_7},2)

o2 = true
i3 : isTLexSeg({x_1*x_4*x_7,x_2*x_4*x_6,x_2*x_4*x_7,x_2*x_5*x_7},2)

o3 = false

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Ways to use isTLexSeg :

For the programmer

The object isTLexSeg is a method function.