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tLastMon -- give the last t-spread monomial of the Borel shadow a given t-spread monomial



the function tLastMon(u,gap,t) gives the smallest t-spread monomials of the Borel shadow iterated gaptimes of u, that is, the smallest monomial of $B_\texttt{t}\{\texttt{u}\}$, with respect to $>_\mathrm{slex}.$
If MaxInd is greater than -1 the function tLastMon(u,gap,t,MaxInd=>m) gives the smallest t-spread monomial for which the maximum of the support is m
The Borel shadow of a t-spread monomial u, is defined as the shadow of the strongly stable set generated by u. To work in a t-spread contest, the Borel shadow of u is the t-shadow of $B_\texttt{t}\{u\}$.


i1 : S=QQ[x_1..x_16]

o1 = S

o1 : PolynomialRing
i2 : tLastMon(x_2*x_6*x_10*x_13,1,3)

o2 = x x x  x  x
      2 6 10 13 16

o2 : S
i3 : tLastMon(x_2*x_6*x_10*x_13,1,3,MaxInd=>14)

o3 = x x x x  x
      2 5 8 11 14

o3 : S

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The object tLastMon is a method function with options.