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control -- optional argument for vFunctionP and vFunction


By default this argument is set to 2. Whether it is equal to 2 the vFunctionP and vFunction methods terminate after finding three "aligned" values $\text{v}_\mathfrak{p}(I^k),\text{v}_\mathfrak{p}(I^{k+1}),\text{v}_\mathfrak{p}(I^{k+2})$ of the $\text{v}_\mathfrak{p}$-function. That means that $\text{v}_\mathfrak{p}(I^{k+1})-\text{v}_\mathfrak{p}(I^k)=\text{v}_\mathfrak{p}(I^{k+2})-\text{v}_\mathfrak{p}(I^{k+1})$. By increasing its value, the methods terminate after finding $\texttt{control}+1$ aligned values.

See also

Functions with optional argument named control :

For the programmer

The object control is a symbol.