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gfanSaturation -- saturation of an ideal



This method computes the saturation of an ideal with respect to the product of the generators of the ideal's ring.

i1 : QQ[x,y,z];
i2 : I = ideal(y*z*(x-1), x*(z^2 - y));

o2 : Ideal of QQ[x..z]
i3 : gfanSaturation I

o3 = {z  - y, x - 1}

o3 : List

gfan Documentation

This program computes the saturation of the input ideal with the product of the variables x_1,...,x_n. The ideal does not have to be homogeneous.
 Tell the program that the input is a homogeneous ideal (with homogeneous generators).

 Do not treat input as an ideal but just factor out common monomial factors of the input polynomials.

Ways to use gfanSaturation :

For the programmer

The object gfanSaturation is a method function with options.