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gfanTropicalRank -- the tropical rank of a matrix



This method computes the tropical rank of matrix. The output is a pair whose first coordinate is the rank and whose second coordinate is a string describing how the rank was computed.

i1 : (R,S) = gfanTropicalRank matrix {{1,2},{1,2}};
i2 : R

o2 = 1
i3 : S

o3 = 1x1 picks monomial: true, meaning that rank is > 0
     2x2 picks monomial: false, meaning that rank is <= 1

gfan Documentation This program will compute the tropical rank of matrix given as input. Tropical addition is MAXIMUM.Options:--kapranov: Compute Kapranov rank instead of tropical rank.--determinant: Compute the tropical determinant instead.

Ways to use gfanTropicalRank :

For the programmer

The object gfanTropicalRank is a method function with options.