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Sequence -- the class of all sequences -- (...)


A sequence is an ordered collection of things enclosed by parentheses and separated by commas. Use # to get the length of a sequence of to get one of the elements.

i1 : v = (a,b,c)

o1 = (a, b, c)

o1 : Sequence
i2 : #v

o2 = 3
i3 : v#2

o3 = c

o3 : Symbol

To convert sequences to and from other types of BasicList, in addition to toSequence, one may use new.

i4 : new Array from (a,b,c)

o4 = [a, b, c]

o4 : Array
i5 : new Sequence from [a,b,c]

o5 = (a, b, c)

o5 : Sequence

For an overview of lists and sequences, see lists and sequences.

Functions and methods returning a sequence :

Methods that use a sequence :

For the programmer

The object Sequence is a type, with ancestor classes VisibleList < BasicList < Thing.