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populateCechComplexCC(Ideal,List) -- Cech complex skeleton for the computation of the characteristic cycles of local cohomology modules



For the ideal I=(f_1,...,f_k) the routine computes the characteristic cycles of the localized modules M_{f_{i_1},...,f_{i_k}} and places them in the corresponding places in the Cech complex.
i1 : W =  QQ[x_1..x_6, a_1..a_6];
i2 : I = minors(2, matrix{{x_1, x_2, x_3}, {x_4, 0, 0}});

o2 : Ideal of W
i3 : cc = {ideal W => 1};


The module has to be a regular holonomic complex-analytic module; while the holomicity can be checked by isHolonomic there is no algorithm to check the regularity.

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