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newSimplexCell -- create a new cell



This function will only create simplices, and it will verify that the new cell is a simplex, as such does not have the caveat of newCell. Otherwise it has the same behavior. This is particularly useful in constructing $\Delta$-complexes.

i1 : v1 = newSimplexCell {};
i2 : v2 = newSimplexCell {};
i3 : e1 = newSimplexCell {v1,v2};
i4 : e2 = newSimplexCell {(v1,1),(v2,-1)};
i5 : C = cellComplex(ZZ, {e1,e2});

One cannot use this command to create cells that are not simplices.

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Ways to use newSimplexCell :

For the programmer

The object newSimplexCell is a method function.