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Module -- the class of all modules


See modules for an overview of modules in Macaulay2. See modules in Macaulay2 for a tutorial overview of modules.

Modules in Macaulay2 are implemented as subquotient modules. Submodules and quotients of free modules are perhaps the most common and important modules, and subquotients form the smallest class of modules that naturally includes these cases.

Common ways to make a module: Common ways to get information about modules: Numerical information about a module: Submodules, quotients, and subquotient modules: Common operations on modules: Minimalization: Graded modules: Annihilators, quotients and Gröbner bases: Common homological computations: Multilinear algebra:

Functions and methods returning a module :

Methods that use a module :

For the programmer

The object Module is a type, with ancestor classes ImmutableType < HashTable < Thing.