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ClassInChowRing -- Gives the class of a hypersurface in the associated Chow ring of a product of projective spaces



This method finds the class [V(f)] of the hypersurface V(f) where f is a polynomial in the graded coordinate ring of \PP^{n_1} x...x\PP^{n_1}. The class [V(f)] is an element of the Chow ring of \PP^{n_1} x...x\PP^{n_1}. Consider \PP^3x\PP^4x\PP^1

i1 : R=MultiProjCoordRing({3,4,1})

o1 = R

o1 : PolynomialRing
i2 : A=ChowRing(R)

o2 = A

o2 : QuotientRing
i3 : f=random({1,1,1},R);
i4 : ClassInChowRing(A,f)

o4 = h  + h  + h
      1    2    3

o4 : A

Ways to use ClassInChowRing :

For the programmer

The object ClassInChowRing is a method function.