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foreignFunction -- construct a foreign function



Load a function contained in a shared library using the C function dlsym and declare its signature.

i1 : mpfr = openSharedLibrary "mpfr"

o1 = mpfr

o1 : SharedLibrary
i2 : mpfrVersion = foreignFunction(mpfr, "mpfr_get_version", charstar, void)

o2 = mpfr::mpfr_get_version

o2 : ForeignFunction
i3 : mpfrVersion()

o3 = 4.2.1

o3 : ForeignObject of type char*

The library may be omitted if it is already loaded, e.g., for functions in the C standard library or libraries that Macaulay2 is already linked against. For example, since Macaulay2 uses mpfr for its arbitrary precision real numbers, the above example may be simplified.

i4 : mpfrVersion = foreignFunction("mpfr_get_version", charstar, void)

o4 = mpfr_get_version

o4 : ForeignFunction
i5 : mpfrVersion()

o5 = 4.2.1

o5 : ForeignObject of type char*

If a function takes multiple arguments, then provide these argument types using a list.

i6 : myatan2 = foreignFunction("atan2", double, {double, double})

o6 = atan2

o6 : ForeignFunction
i7 : myatan2(1, sqrt 3)

o7 = .523598775598299

o7 : ForeignObject of type double

For variadic functions, set the Variadic option to true.

i8 : sprintf = foreignFunction("sprintf", void, {charstar, charstar},
         Variadic => true)

o8 = sprintf

o8 : ForeignFunction
i9 : buf = charstar "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

o9 = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

o9 : ForeignObject of type char*
i10 : sprintf(buf, "%s %d", "foo", 3)
i11 : buf

o11 = foo 3

o11 : ForeignObject of type char*

The variadic arguments are processed using foreignObject, which may lead to unexpected behavior. It may be useful to cast them to foreign objects to avoid ambiguity.

i12 : sprintf(buf, "%s %.1f", "foo", 3)
i13 : buf

o13 = foo 0.0

o13 : ForeignObject of type char*
i14 : sprintf(buf, "%s %.1f", "foo", double 3)
i15 : buf

o15 = foo 3.0

o15 : ForeignObject of type char*

Note that variadic functions cannot be passed arguments that have a size of fewer than 4 bytes.

i16 : stopIfError = false

o16 = false
i17 : sprintf(buf, "%c", char' 77)
stdio:18:1:(3): error: libffi: bad argtype

If the foreign function allocates any memory, then register a finalizer for its outputs to deallocate the memory during garbage collection using registerFinalizer.

i18 : malloc = foreignFunction("malloc", voidstar, ulong)

o18 = malloc

o18 : ForeignFunction
i19 : free = foreignFunction("free", void, voidstar)

o19 = free

o19 : ForeignFunction
i20 : x = malloc 8

o20 = 0x7ef7a00661e0

o20 : ForeignObject of type void*
i21 : registerFinalizer(x, free)

Ways to use foreignFunction :

For the programmer

The object foreignFunction is a method function with options.