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registerFinalizer(ForeignObject,Function) -- register a finalizer for a foreign object



If a foreign pointer object corresponds to memory that was not allocated by the GC garbage collector, then a function to properly deallocate this memory when the Pointer object that stores this pointer is garbage collected should be called. The function should take a single argument, a foreign object, typically of type voidstar, which corresponds to the memory to deallocate.

i1 : malloc = foreignFunction("malloc", voidstar, ulong)

o1 = malloc

o1 : ForeignFunction
i2 : free = foreignFunction("free", void, voidstar)

o2 = free

o2 : ForeignFunction
i3 : finalizer = x -> (print("freeing memory at " | net x); free x)

o3 = finalizer

o3 : FunctionClosure
i4 : for i to 9 do (x := malloc 8; registerFinalizer(x, finalizer))
i5 : collectGarbage()
freeing memory at 0x731e000687f0
freeing memory at 0x731e00065d60
freeing memory at 0x731e00068820
freeing memory at 0x731e00068760
freeing memory at 0x731e00066200
freeing memory at 0x731e000661e0
freeing memory at 0x731e00068160
freeing memory at 0x731e0000de30
freeing memory at 0x731e00068180

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