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RingElement LieElement -- multiplication of a field element and a Lie element



The symbol SPACE is used as notation for multiplication by scalars. The scalars belong to L#Field. If the field is not QQ, then the scalars are of type RingElement. If the field is QQ, then the scalars are of type Number. If the field is not a prime field, then sometimes it is necessary to define the field outside the constructor lieAlgebra. Observe also that it is necessary to use the function toField when $F$ is defined as an algebraic extension of a prime field.

i1 : F = toField(ZZ/7[x]/{x^2+1})

o1 = F

o1 : PolynomialRing
i2 : L = lieAlgebra({a,b},Field=>F)

o2 = L

o2 : LieAlgebra
i3 : (3*x+2) a b + (2*x+3) b a

o3 = (-x+1)(b a)

o3 : L

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