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tensor -- tensor product


This function calculates the tensor product of a list or sequence of compatible objects.

This method is declared as a MethodFunctionBinary, so for two or more argument the product is computed iteratively from the binary tensor products, working from left to right. For two arguments, this is the same as A ** B except that options are allowed.

i1 : tensor(ZZ^2, ZZ^3, ZZ^4)

o1 = ZZ

o1 : ZZ-module, free

When a more efficient algorithm is available for computing the intersection of all inputs simultaneously rather than iteratively, for instance for intersecting Modules, a specialized function that takes a list or sequence may be installed on (symbol intersect, Type).

i2 : code lookup(symbol intersect, Module)

o2 = ../../../../../Macaulay2/m2/option.m2:15:19-17:33: --source code:
       (opts,f) -> args -> (
            -- Common code for functions created with >> to process options and arguments.
            uncurry(f, override (opts,args))
     | symbol  class            value                                                    location of symbol
     | ------  -----            -----                                                    ------------------                             
     | f       FunctionClosure  FunctionClosure[../../../../../Macaulay2/m2/intersect..  ../../../../../Macaulay2/m2/option.m2:15:8-15:9
     | opts    OptionTable      OptionTable{MinimalGenerators => true}                   ../../../../../Macaulay2/m2/option.m2:15:3-15:7
     |                                      Strategy => null                             
     | -- function f:
     | ../../../../../Macaulay2/m2/intersect.m2:86:47-86:103: --source code:
     | Module.intersect = moduleIntersectOpts >> opts -> L -> intersectHelper(L, (intersect, Module, Module), opts)
     | -- option table opts:
     | OptionTable{MinimalGenerators => true}
     |             Strategy => null

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Ways to use tensor :

For the programmer

The object tensor is an associative binary method function.