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randomMonomialIdeal -- random monomial ideal with given degree generators



Choose a random ideal whose generators have the degrees specified by the list or sequence L.

i1 : kk=ZZ/101

o1 = kk

o1 : QuotientRing
i2 : S=kk[a..e]

o2 = S

o2 : PolynomialRing
i3 : L={3,5,7}

o3 = {3, 5, 7}

o3 : List
i4 : randomMonomialIdeal(L, S)

               2       3   6
o4 = ideal (a*b , a*c*d , c e)

o4 : Ideal of S
i5 : randomMonomialIdeal(5:2, S)

o5 = ideal (a*c, a*d, a*b, c*e, c )

o5 : Ideal of S


The ideal is constructed degree by degree, starting from the lowest degree specified. If there are not enough monomials of the next specified degree that are not already in the ideal, the function prints a warning and returns an ideal containing all the generators of that degree.

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For the programmer

The object randomMonomialIdeal is a method function.