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MaxCoordinatesToReplace -- The maximum number of coordinates to turn into non-monomial functions when calling {\tt randomCoordinateChange}


When calling randomCoordinateChange, the user can specify that only a specified number of coordinates should be non-monomial. Sometimes, generic coordinate changes where all coordinates are modified, can be very slow. This is a way to mitigate for that. This option is passed to randomCoordinateChange by other functions that call it.

i1 : S = ZZ/11[a..e]

o1 = S

o1 : PolynomialRing
i2 : randomCoordinateChange(S, MaxCoordinatesToReplace=>2)

o2 = map (S, --[a..e], {d, a, - 4a - 3b - c + 3d + 3e, - 4a - 3b - 3c + 5d - 4e, c})

o2 : RingMap S <-- --[a..e]

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Functions with optional argument named MaxCoordinatesToReplace :

For the programmer

The object MaxCoordinatesToReplace is a symbol.