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PrintLevel -- Levels of information displayed during Sagbi algorithm


PrintLevel is an optional input to sagbi and the methods that call it to control the amount of internal computational data to be displayed for debugging and informational purposes. Higher values for PrintLevel result in more verbose output (especially Levels 5 and 6).

  • Level 0: No additional output
  • Level 1+: some basic information each computation loop (but no polynomials): computation degree, number of S-pairs, number of new generators, termination conditions.
  • Level 2+: basic polynomials: S-pairs and new subalgebra generators.
  • Level 3+: extra polynomials: reduction ideal generators, zeroGens, current subalgebra generators
  • Level 4+: the input and output of each subduction
  • Level 5+: the processPending data
  • Level 6+: the intermediate steps for top-level subduction

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Functions with optional argument named PrintLevel :

For the programmer

The object PrintLevel is a symbol.