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gfanFanLink -- the link of a vertex in a polyhedral fan



This method computes the link of a polyhedral fan around a vertex.

i1 : QQ[x,y];
i2 : F = gfanToPolyhedralFan {markedPolynomialList{{x}, {x+y}}};
i3 : G = gfanToPolyhedralFan {markedPolynomialList{{y^2}, {x+y^2}}};

gfan Documentation This program takes a polyhedral fan and a vector and computes the link of the polyhedral fan around that vertex. The link will have lineality space dimension equal to the dimension of the relative open polyhedral cone of the original fan containing the vector.Options:-i value: Specify the name of the input file.--symmetry: Reads in a fan stored with symmetry. The generators of the symmetry group must be given on the standard input.--star: Computes the star instead. The star is defined as the smallest polyhedral fan containing all cones of the original fan containing the vector.

Ways to use gfanFanLink :

For the programmer

The object gfanFanLink is a method function with options.