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gfanPolynomialSetUnion -- union of two lists of polynomials



This method produces the union of two lists of polynomials. For this method when using MarkedpolynomialLists, the marked term of the polynomial is not considered. That is to say, the union is taken as if the polynomials were not marked. The resulting polynomials in the output are marked with preference given to the marked terms in the first argument.

i1 : QQ[x,y,z];
i2 : f = x + y + z;
i3 : g = x + y;
i4 : h = y + z;
i5 : L = markedPolynomialList {{z, y}, {f,g}}

o5 = {(z) + x + y, (y) + x}

o5 : MarkedPolynomialList
i6 : M = markedPolynomialList {{x, y} , {f,h}}

o6 = {(x) + y + z, (y) + z}

o6 : MarkedPolynomialList
i7 : gfanPolynomialSetUnion(L,M)

o7 = {(z) + x + y, (y) + x, (y) + z}

o7 : MarkedPolynomialList
i8 : gfanPolynomialSetUnion({f,g},{f,h})

o8 = {(x) + y + z, (x) + y, (y) + z}

o8 : MarkedPolynomialList

gfan Documentation This program computes the union of a list of polynomial sets given as input. The polynomials must all belong to the same ring. The ring is specified on the input. After this follows the list of polynomial sets.Options:-s: Sort output by degree.

Ways to use gfanPolynomialSetUnion :

For the programmer

The object gfanPolynomialSetUnion is a method function with options.