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gfanRender -- render an image of a Groebner fan



This method renders the Groebner fan of an ideal and writes it to a .fig file. If fig2dev is installed then the .fig file will be converted to .png and displayed. The names of the .fig and .png files are printed on standard out.

This method may support more options in the future to control rendering, conversion, and display. It may also eventually output file names in a list.

gfan Documentation

This program renders a Groebner fan as an xfig file. To be more precise, the input is the list of all reduced Groebner bases of an ideal. The output is a drawing of the Groebner fan intersected with a triangle. The corners of the triangle are (1,0,0) to the right, (0,1,0) to the left and (0,0,1) at the top. If there are more than three variables in the ring these coordinates are extended with zeros. It is possible to shift the 1 entry cyclic with the option --shiftVariables.
 Make the triangle larger so that the shape of the Groebner region appears.
--shiftVariables value:
 Shift the positions of the variables in the drawing. For example with the value equal to 1 the corners will be right: (0,1,0,0,...), left: (0,0,1,0,...) and top: (0,0,0,1,...). The shifting is done modulo the number of variables in the polynomial ring. The default value is 0.

Ways to use gfanRender :

For the programmer

The object gfanRender is a method function with options.