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gfanRenderStaircase -- render the staircase of a monomial initial ideal



This method renders the staircase of the monomial initial ideal of the given Groebner basis (or bases in the case of the m option). The rendered image is written to a .fig file. If fig2dev is installed then the .fig file will be converted to .png and displayed. The names of the .fig and .png files are printed on standard out.

This method may support more options in the future to control rendering, conversion, and display. It may also eventually output file names in a list.

gfan Documentation This program renders a staircase diagram of a monomial initial ideal to an xfig file. The input is a Groebner basis of a (not necessarily monomial) polynomial ideal. The initial ideal is given by the leading terms in the Groebner basis. Using the -m option it is possible to render more than one staircase diagram. The program only works for ideals in a polynomial ring with three variables.Options:-m: Read multiple ideals from the input. The ideals are given as a list of lists of polynomials. For each polynomial list in the list a staircase diagram is drawn.-d value: Specifies the number of boxes being shown along each axis. Be sure that this number is large enough to give a correct picture of the standard monomials. The default value is 8.-w value: Width. Specifies the number of staircase diagrams per row in the xfig file. The default value is 5.

Ways to use gfanRenderStaircase :

For the programmer

The object gfanRenderStaircase is a method function with options.