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gfanTropicalLifting -- not implemented


This method is not implemented.

gfan Documentation This program is part of the Puiseux lifting algorithm implemented in Gfan and Singular. The Singular part of the implementation can be found in:Anders Nedergaard Jensen, Hannah Markwig, Thomas Markwig: tropical.lib. A SINGULAR 3.0 library for computations in tropical geometry, 2007 See also the paper Jensen, Markwig, Markwig: "An algorithm for lifting points in a tropical variety".Example:Run Singular from the directory where tropical.lib is located.Give the following sequence of commands to Singular:LIB "tropical.lib";ring R=0,(t,x,y,z),dp;ideal i=-y2t4+x2,yt3+xz+y;intvec w=1,-2,0,2;list L=tropicallifting(i,w,3);displaytropicallifting(L,"subst");This produces a Puiseux series solution to i with valuation (2,0,-2)Options:--noMult: Disable the multiplicity computation.-n value: Number of variables that should have negative weight.-c: Only output a list of vectors being the possible choices.

For the programmer

The object gfanTropicalLifting is a method function with options.