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gfanTropicalLinearSpace -- equations of a tropical linear space from Plücker coordinates



This method takes Plücker coordinates for a linear subspace and computes the polynomials which define the corresponding tropical linear space. The output is a pair which contains both the defining polynomials and a string which describes which coordinate corresponds to which minor.

i1 : (L, S) = gfanTropicalLinearSpace({1,2,3}, 3, 1);
i2 : L

       998      997     999      997     999      998
o2 = {t   x0 + t   x1, t   x0 + t   x2, t   x1 + t   x2}

o2 : List
i3 : S

o3 = 0,1,0,=1

gfan Documentation This program generates tropical equations for a tropical linear space in the Speyer sense given the tropical Pluecker coordinates as input.Options:-d value: Specify d.-n value: Specify n.--trees: list the boundary trees (assumes d=3)

Ways to use gfanTropicalLinearSpace :

For the programmer

The object gfanTropicalLinearSpace is a method function with options.