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displayNet -- displays a chordal network using Graphivz



Displays a chordal network using Graphviz.

The text displayed in each of the nodes can be provided by the optional input label. The default is label:= net.


Consider the following chordal network.
i1 : R = QQ[a..e,MonomialOrder=>Lex];
i2 : I = ideal {a*b, b*c, c*d, a*e, d*e};

o2 : Ideal of R
i3 : N = chordalNet I;
i4 : chordalTria N;
i5 : topComponents N;
i6 : N

o6 = ChordalNet{ a => {a,  }       }
                 b => {b,  , b}
                 c => { , c, c,  }
                 d => {d,  , d}
                 e => { , e}

o6 : ChordalNet
The command displayNet N outputs the following figure.

chordal network


If the function does not work, it might be the case that Graphviz is not installed, or that the package Graphs is not configured. See installation and configuration

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Ways to use displayNet :

For the programmer

The object displayNet is a method function.